Tuna Carpacccio P.I.

(Or Hard-Boiled Crime for a Hard-Headed Detective)

A Massive Chaos webcomic written by Antonio Manuel Chavira and illustrated by Josh Dunlap.

Cracking the Case.

Tuna’s Trusty Secretary, Pam.

 A Chat with Jose Maria De Jesus.

Shakedown at Sharky’s Steak & Stein.

Rudely Interrupted.

One for the Road.

De Jesus’s Quiet Place.

Lenny the Weasel’s Joint.

Cut to the Chase.

On the Line.

An Average Sunday for De Jesus.

Base Dealers.

Later, at the Police Station.

Back in Action.

The Investigative Instinct.

Stompin’ at the 4/4 Standard.

Tuna’s Best Pal Roy.

Tuna Blows Malta’s Cover.

The Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine.

Always Gets Her Man.

Back on the Beat.

Cushion the Strike.

Lenny’s Wife, Valery.

A Fresh Case.

Mail Order Clues.

Cooking with Steam.

Stand-Off at Sharky’s Steak & Stein.

Asked Politely.

Bad Timing.

A Barnburner.

Good Timing.

Call the Hit.

Abnormal Psychology.

A Corporate Sting.

Belly Dance.

Where Were the Cops?

Two Setups.